Cybereditions Reporter™ was founded in 2019 as a brand of  investigative reporting performed by Lisa Loucks-Christenson, an independent investigative photojournalist. Lisa's international clientele seek her expertise, news gathering methods, and interviews that detail all sides of the truth.  

Cybereditions Reporter™Lisa Kay Loucks-Christenson is a seasoned ASMP  (American Society of Media Photographers) member, photojournalist, radio host, and professional wildlife photographer.

 Lisa covers: news, nature, environmental crimes, forensic photography and art,  specializes in low light photography, stock and assignment photos, press coverage,  interviews for her corporate clients––through all weather, all seasons.

For 35+ years, Lisa's published works and images have appeared in countless publications. Lisa writes articles, feature stories,  reports, and maintains a stock photo and footage library licensed to her clients.

Cybereditions Reporter™  does NOT accept outside submissions or publish outside creators photos or stories. Don't submit materials.  


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Struggling for Existence: What Nature Shared 

A Documentary by Lisa Loucks Christenson

Poachers, illegal trapping, Conservation Officer impostor, wildlife behavior, struggles, and more.

• Cybereditions Reporter™does not publish or accept outside submissions

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