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In memory of Denis Dutton, 1944-2010, founder of Cybereditions and so much else besides.

CYBEREDITIONS publishes quality non-fiction books as ebooks online or as print-on-demand paperbacks available through bookshops or online suppliers, including Barnes & Noble and Amazon. As an independent publisher, we specialise in academic works or new editions of out-of-print works updated with new introductions, supplementary chapters and revised bibliographies. We welcome submissions by authors (more information on that here).

Our book list covers a broad range of disciplines, including literary criticism, social anthropology and biographical analysis, but always provides quality, thought-provoking material.

You can order ebooks in PDF or Adobe eBook Reader format directly from us; paperbacks can be purchased online through the links to Barnes&Noble.com or Amazon.com from the individual titles. Bookshops and libraries seeking special rates on CYBEREDITIONS paperbacks should contact us directly.


Which came first: color prejudice or black slavery?

The newest CYBEREDITIONS title, Peter Frost’s Fair Women, Dark Men, is a provocative study of the phenomenon that anthropologist Pierre L. van den Berghe has called the Snow White Syndrome: the cultural preference in virtually all human societies for fair complexions, especially in women. This apparently existed long before black slavery, European colonialism, and what we now call “color prejudice”. Of special interest is the question of how this earlier sensibility to skin color relates to the later development of prejudice against dark skin.

As Peter Frost puts it, “Which came first, color prejudice or black slavery? Was it slavery that eventually created negative feelings toward dark skin? Or was it the other way around? Perhaps these feelings already existed when black slavery first arose, eventually making it more and more inhuman.” In Fair Women, Dark Men, Dr Frost exposes and explores historical, biological, cultural and psychological facts which might help to answer this question.

Visionary films and mythic themes

In production is John David Ebert's Celluloid Heroes and Mechanical Dragons, a wide-ranging study of films produced since the late 1960s which consciously embody mythic themes and address the problem of man's relation to modern technology. Ebert gives detailed analyses of seven kinds of cinematic responses to this problem, exhibited in films such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, Videodrome, The Lord of the Rings, Solaris, Alien, Star Wars, and A.I. In addition he offers a highly original and thought-provoking account of the way such visionary films serve not only to highlight man’s predicament vis-à-vis modern technology, but also to “miniaturize” ancient cosmologies asa way of preserving the past in the form of modern folklore.

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