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How to Rent Black Mold . . . and NOT Die While Shutting Down Your Business as You Heal

By Lisa Loucks Christenson

Investigative Reporter, #1 International Bestselling Author

Cybereditions Reporter™ 
Series: Help Protect Me Series
Cover Illustration by Lisa Loucks-Christenson 

Told from the authors' personal experience from Minnesota and Wisconsin commercial locations she rented that had black mold; the lies, the county cover-ups, threats and lawsuits from landlords. This book includes information a commercial tenant needs to know before signing a commercial lease, how to protect your assets, life, and livelihood from black mold and landlords who laugh in your face and tell you that you have no rights. You have rights. This book shines light on the dark subject of black mold. 

*Expert Black Mold Witnesses

*Attorney's that represent commercial tenants

*What laws are in place now and what needs to change

*How government protects lives--or not

*What is the dangers of black mold?

*How four years spent living on oxygen changed Lisa's business and life

*What molds are lurking in your space? 

*Symptoms and illnesses

*Is it time to move?


Includes: Special interview about a single mom, a residential tenant from Northern Minnesota and the mold they rented (not willingly!) in their space. 


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