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Cybereditions publishes classics, adaptions with original art, original manuscripts, and documentaries.



Cybereditions is the online book source bringing back to life out-of-print nonfiction writing.

Cybereditions is developing a list of books which are no longer available in paper, despite continuing reader interest. Because our catalogue is protected by copyright, every download of every Cybereditions title generates a royalty for the copyright holder—the author, the original publisher, or the author’s estate.

Where possible, Cybereditions books are revised—with new introductions, supplementary chapters, and up-to-date bibliographies—in order to reflect developments since the appearance of the last paper edition of the book.

With the guidance of an Advisory Board of distinguished scholars, Cybereditions focuses on the high-quality end of university press and nonfiction trade publishing.

Whether you’re an author with a book you wish to return to availability or a publisher who would like to put your out-of-print backlist to work earning income, we invite you to explore our site and consider a partnership with Cybereditions.

Over coming months Cybereditions will be announcing a list of significant titles for both the specialized scholar and the general reader of quality nonfiction.

Cybereditions’s dedication to authors and readers will ensure the permanent, worldwide availability of scholarly and research texts into the twenty-first century, and beyond.