Cybereditions Authors

Authors Published and Contracted by the Old Cybereditions:

If you are a past author, or rights holder of a pre-2014 Cybereditions contracted title and want to have your book considered for publication, please use the contact form. If not, no contractual relationship exists with us.

Alex Abramovich

Arnold Berleant

Stephen Booth

Brian Boyd

Hal G. P. Colebatch

Frederick Crews

Josephine DonovanBook 2 

Brian M. Downing

John David Ebert

Peter Frost

S. A. Grave

Ihab Hassan

Norman Holland

Thomas Hoving

John G. Jones

Stephanie C. Kane

Julius Kovesi

Peter Lamarque

Richard A. Lanham

Alfred R. Louch

Tibor R. Machan

Colin Manlove

David Novitz

Geoffrey Payzant

Ronald Radosh

Tobin Siebers

Jan Sjåvik

Robert and Jon Solomon

Francis E. Sparshott

Lionel Tiger

Mark Turner

Jonathan Yardley