Lisa Loucks-Christenson Bio

Lisa Loucks-Christenson is a #1 International Bestselling Author, Illustrator and Photographer, represented by Loucks Literary Agency. Lisa’s artwork is sought by collectors through her private galleries and bookstores, her work has won numerous awards, and her broadcasts and podcasts feature various celebrities, entertainers and artists that all share her passion for a good story, song, or news.
Lisa is a frequent judge for writing and photo competitions. 

Lisa’s work is published in newspapers, books, trade, family histories, art cards, gallery prints, and more. She’s appeared on KTTC, KAAL, KIMT, WEAU-13 News on her wildlife documentaries (eagles and Winter Bugs! Exhibits, and bookstore topics on racism, banned books week and more. She appeared on regional television on Ron Schara’s Minnesota Bound for her bald eagle documentary that features the lives of a pair of bald eagles lifetime of eaglets, her exhibits have been on display at the National Eagle Center, her galleries and other locations.

Lisa’s natural history research includes the lives of: bald eagles, rattlesnakes, insects, cougar, black bear, Blandings Turtles, Giant Canada Geese, skunks, raccoon, opossum, Sandhills cranes, trumpeter swans, wolves, coyotes and more. Lisa studies animal and wildlife behavior, the relationships between species and their survival. Her upcoming book, STRUGGLING FOR EXISTENCE: WHAT NATURE SHARED, Volume 1, covers over 17 years of her research. The exhibit will be on display at her galleries. 

If you would like to publish Lisa’s Natural History work, host an exhibit, or hire Lisa for her speaking and presentations, contact Loucks Literary Agency by email or use the contact form on this page.