Author Guidelines

For Authors

Cybereditions is an imprint of Lisa Loucks Christenson Publishing, LLC.

Cybereditions specializes in academic works or new editions of out-of-print works updated with new introductions, supplementary chapters and revised bibliographies.

We welcome submissions from authors, and publish over a broad range of disciplines, including literary criticism, social anthropology and biographical analysis. Our aim is to provide quality, thought-provoking material.

As with any publisher, we are selective of the titles we publish. We ensure the books are completed to the highest standards of trade and academic publication. As a traditional publisher, we make books available in both electronic and paperback format.

After submission an editor will review your book proposal and will let you know if we are interested. If we are interested, we will contact you to discuss details of our contract and create a contract specific to the author and their work. All our contracts are discussed and agreed upon between Agent, Author and the Publisher. Our contracts define the publishing schedule, publicity, and marketing plans for each author.

If you have a book you would like us to consider, please email the Editorial Director, describing the book's contents and, if possible, sending an electronic file of the manuscript (preferably in Microsoft Word).

Publishing Process

Once a book is accepted, it will be prepared for publication by the following process:

  • The work is edited and any changes are agreed upon with the author
  • The books cover is selected with author input
  • Publicity for the author as agreed upon in contract
  • A draft of the book is composed from the revised file, and sent to the author as a PDF document for proofing
  • Any changes are incorporated in a final draft of the book; a PDF is provided to the author for indexing
  • ARCs are sent out, reviews gathered (if any), and Press Releases are sent out, publicity for book per contract terms.
  • Book is released to public

This process usually takes three to eighteen months, depending on the size and complexity of the book.

All authors files and original works are your responsibility to maintain. You are sent a proof, and later a paperback book for your review. All our new author contracts under LLCP Cybereditions are given 10 paperback copies of their contracted book. Each book has it's own contract. Our authors are required to keep their own original files, not us. If there is a rights reversion, whether a complete reversion or select contractual rights, we release your original manuscripts, files, art. HOWEVER, art, covers, ISBNs, layouts, design, editing, photography, licensed art, covers, fonts, indexes we create or license are a compilation of various copyright holders and these materials and rights are non-transferrable to our authors. You will need to republish with your own ISBNs, covers, edits, design, photos, art, indexes.

We welcome your invited submissions, but do not submit any materials unless the work is 100% yours, you've obtained and licensed all materials you send to us and can send proof of your former contract, art and/or photos, your rights reversion agreements, agree to our publishing process, and agree to our termination of rights. It may seem that the work we do (covers, design, edits, indexes, maps, illustrations, photos, etc. is part of publishing your title, but this work we do is a combination of others copyrighted work). Therefore, to make it en easy clear separation of what is your original work remains yours, not the work we do to create and publish your book. All art, maps, indexes you own, licensed or own remains your work, your licensing responsibilities. 






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